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Let me help you get an A in TOK!

I can help you with editing, brainstorming, and coming up with new ideas!

TOK Essay Editing

The TOK Essay may be the hardest essay that you write in the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme! Whether you are looking for proofreading, editing, comments, or just someone to talk to, I got your back!

Click here to hire me as a tutor for the TOK Essay. 

Have Fun Learning!

You may or may not like TOK or your TOK teacher. But I know that we can have a good time while I help you. I regularly connect with students from all around the world on Zoom to help them brainstorm ideas for their TOK Exhibition and TOK Essay! I only charge USD$50 per half-hour session!

Click here to schedule a Zoom session with me!

TOK Exhibition Feedback

The TOK Exhibition is really easy...or really hard. It depends on how much help you have! I have a proven way of getting high scores on the TOK Exhibition! Send me your draft or schedule a Zoom session with me.

Click here to hire me as a tutor for the TOK Exhibition. 

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