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Why do we seek indisputable evidence when it is so often unattainable?

Updated: Jul 12, 2022

Here are my notes for TOK Essay TItle #4 -- for November 2022 Exams.

Maths - Think about things that you have proven in class. Think about formulas and axioms that are considered indisputable.

Consider things that are disputable -- imaginary numbers, unproven theories, context problems, and other things that will not be proven.

Go beyond the Pythagorean Theorem.

Human Sciences - Many Labs 2.

Also explore concepts that are considered indisputable in economics.

Explore the concept of Mathiness in Economics.

Natural Sciences - Think about the periodic table. What pushed us towards its completion.

Google: Falsificationism.

You could explore why we research unproveable things such as quantum theory, string theory, and metaphysics. Start with Kaku.

History - Most of history is disputable, unless we're talking about recent history (connection to technology). So what purposes do we have for studying it? Think about Herodotus, religious texts, national narratives and myths.

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