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TOK Essay Title #1

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Is replicability necessary in the production of knowledge? Discuss with reference to two areas of knowledge.

This Theory of Knowledge Essay prompt is just fantastic. I felt like they chose it just for me because I have been learning and studying the importance of replicability. Here are my notes. More thoughts and a video will be uploaded shortly. If you want extra help, tutoring, or proofreading, click here to have me read your essay!

Evidence Used in My Video:

  • This most naturally connects to the sciences. Replicability has been called the hallmark of good science.

  • Many Labs 2 --- brings up questions about whether or not we can believe psychology if findings can’t be replicated.

  • Arts --- talk about correct and incorrect interpretation. Is there a time you interpreted something differently than a friend? Who was right? What was the artist’s knowledge that they wanted to convey? Did they replicate their results? This is a stretch.

  • If you talk about the sciences, one idea that you can drop in here is that there is a pressure by scientists in academic fields to publish or perish. There is a lot of pressure to find new knowledge, not confirm existing knowledge. This prevents necessary replicability.

  • Two approaches – do both sciences because it’s so applicable, or choose a science and then something that is unique – history or the arts.

  • Karl Popper – falsificationism.

  • Your sciences experiments – are you actually experimenting?!

  • Math is certain because things have not changed for a long time. Replication is key to that.

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