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TOK Essay Title #6

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To what extent is the knowledge we produce determined by the methodologies we use? Discuss with reference to history and one other area of knowledge.

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This may seem like the most academic, but it may be the easiest. If your teacher has done their job, then nearly anything in TOK that was used as evidence can work here. Take any Real Life Situation and think about the methods and tools used. Here are my notes. More thoughts and a video will be uploaded shortly. If you want extra help, tutoring, or proofreading, click here to have me read your essay!

  • This is the only TWE prompt?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!11

  • This is the most academic prompt. We’re basically wanting to consider the methodologies that are used in each AOK. This is easy because your teachers should have talked about methods & tools in every single unit.

  • If they didn’t then go ahead and check out TOK Masterclass! I have so many methods and tools there, and if you use the coupon code YOUTUBESUBSCRIBER you’ll get 10% off!

  • History: Oral History - Interview with someone about their life and experiences of a certain event. One of my students, Nyra, conducted an oral history with her dad about the 1998 riots in Jakarta. Think about that – oral histories are very common, but this method is going to be really good at getting some kind of knowledge, and really bad at getting other kinds of knowledge! Knowledge in History is very much determined by the methodologies, as every source is an individual, and every individual has bias and perspectives.

  • Scientific Method. Duh. Be more specific! Instead, talk about what the scientist did in gathering their data as a part of the scientific method. Then talk about how much the knowledge produced was a result of using that specific method. Was the knowledge produced, produced because it used the scientific method? Is there something unique about that method? Or not?

  • If we’re going to talk about Maths, think about the methods used there. It’s not just logic and reasoning, but also using proofs, axioms, and theorems. I’d argue that Maths provides a very clear example of the knowledge being a result of these methods. Could we come up with mathematical knowledge without these? I’m not sure.

  • Arts - make sure that you’re talking about knowledge being produced through a work of art, not just what a work of art means. Focus on art installations, art experiences such as Sniffy the Rat or Rhythm 0, and other works of art that helped us understand ourselves and humanity better. Was the method – an art exhibition, for example, determining the knowledge produced?

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