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theory of knowledge diploma programme

Theory of Knowledge tips, tricks, and examples that won't put you to sleep. 

Theory of Knowledge. Together.

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TOK Exhibition Examples

TOK Essay Samples

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Want to get an A on the TOK essay? I can help with samples, video lessons, and editing services!

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TOK Online Lessons

Check out my YouTube channel to find out how to improve your grades in Theory of Knowledge.


Want an A in Theory of Knowledge?

I Got You.

I have been teaching International Baccalaureate (I know how to spell it!) Diploma Programme Theory of Knowledge for years and have found ways to have fun while scoring well. Use my Exhibition samples, TOK Essay models and assignment breakdowns to raise your TOK score! If you want help, editing, or one-on-one assistance, contact me below!

The IB considers TOK a "Core" course, which means that a passing grade is required to receive your diploma. Let me help you get there!

Mr. Pat is a teacher who is able to utilize every individual student’s  skills and maximize their potential.  His advice has played a fundamental role in the development of my writing and allowed me to ease into some of my college’s most rigorous courses. You can be sure that he’ll be invested in your success and growth as a learner!

Freshman Student at Columbia University


Mr. Pat is a brutally honest essay counselor; don’t expect sugarcoating. However, know that he is invested in your personal statement and is dedicated to help you succeed.  I am forever grateful for his support and credit him as one of the driving forces for my success in getting accepted at my dream university.

Freshman at Yale University

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