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How to Choose An Object for the TOK Exhibition

Choosing a Theory of Knowledge Exhibition is hard! Let me tell you how to do it!

When I was trying to write my sample and example TOK Exhibitions I messed up a bunch. At first, I chose a situation that wasn't an object. And I chose it before I chose my IA prompt! What I realized was that you need to choose your TOK Exhibition prompt before you choose you object.

The second thing that I did was to narrow down my object from a situation. I picked a situation that I liked, the Chess Match between @Dewa_Kipas and @GothamChess, and looked to find a specific object (even an online object is OK) that would talk about the prompt that I chose: what counts as a good justification for a claim?

Eventually I moved away from objects that demonstrated the situation and event and focused on a tweet that demonstrated good justification for the claim that @Dewa_Kipas cheated when he played chess.

If you need more help in the Theory of Knowledge Exhibition or want to get better in your International Baccalaureate classes, let's talk!

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